If Video Game Heroes Were Real


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Pete and Lawrence are stuck in a hectic brawl in the middle of town - Will they save themselves or wait for someone else to save them, like those annoying side quest NPCs you find in video games.

Alan Bagh:
Courtlan: lvnews.info/www/FrcMgPd2fbPTfoU5w3RUsg
Zach: z_allen21?hl=en
Thanks to Whitehorse Ranch in Landers, CA. for letting us film on their property and helping us with costume!

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    LA Live Film Festival 2019 at Regal Cinemas at LA LIVE, Saturday night, November 9th, 300 seat theater, we screenend this at the end of the final block of films during our prime time best of the best of the fest films, Winner Best Actor Alan Bagh www.imdb.me/alanbagh Best Short Film - Action/ Comedy Sergio Valencia (director/writer) Austin Bremer (director/writer/actor) Jordyn Batchman (actor/writer) Alan Bagh (actor) Best Directors Sergio Valencia (director) Austin Bremer (co- director) Best Writers Sergio Valencia (writer) Austin Bremer (writer) Jordyn Batchman (writer)

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